Moss in Vintage Glass

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A small vintage bowl with Patchouli moss.

We understand that if you’re looking for an all natural air freshener, you may also be looking for a bit of vintage flair to help you showcase this old-world technology. If so, look no further than our Vintage Glass Jar sets. These jars are complete with Patchouli fragrant moss, which has the power to freshen up nearly any space in minutes.

The vintage glass jar options can fit perfectly within your home décor with some that really look to accentuate the vintage vibe, while others are a bit more contemporary. Take a look at our options and see which one speaks to you!

Currently available in three styles:

  • Glass Bowl
  • Old Style Jam Jar

Please observe the product is only sold in United States of America, and CANNOT be shipped to any other country.

NOTE: When the moss arrives, let it be in the closed container for a few days. Of course you can directly open it, but it does need a little light for some days after being kept in the dark for the transport. Indoor lightning or a northern facing window is perfect for the moss. Find more information here.

The moss will provide an aromatic scent as long as you take good care of it. Please notice that you have to water it, like any other houseplant. The amount of water depends on the humidity in your home, but keep it a little moist and you have a happy moss for a long time. You can also close the jar when you are away for longer period.

The fragrant moss is intellectual property of Mosspiration Biotech. Any propagation of the moss for sharing or commercial use will be prosecuted.