Guidelines for Moss Care at home

Like other mosses Fragrant Moss are hardy little plants. 

Moss with water

This is a short description on how you take care of your moss. We also made a small video that you can watch - see below.

Mosses are hardy small plants that are easy to care for and to maintain. In  principle, they don’t much more than a little water to keep them moist.

  • When you receive your moss just provide it with a little water. Don't worry it will not drown, in fact we grow our moss submerged under water.
  • Now all you have to do, like with any of your house plants, is to provide a little water every week.
  • If you close the lid on the moss, it can easily stand for a month without water.

Remember, never place your moss in a window with direct sunlight (south and west), as the direct sunlight will heat up the glass and possibly kill the moss. 

Our video on moss care