Fragrant moss DIY kit

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The only DIY kit for fragrant mosses to be used in your moss terrariums.

What you get:

  • 2 x 4'' Ø moss sheets
  • agar (in the petri dish)
  • a small bag of stones

Are you interested in a small DIY project for your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our Fragrant Moss Terrarium Kit offers endless fun designing your very own home terrarium with our wonderfully aromatic fragrant moss.

With a few simple and easy to follow steps, you can complete your brand new fragrant moss terrarium in no time at all and begin to reap the benefits of this natural air freshener.

Available with two fragrances:

  • Patchouli
  • Flowery

Please observe the product is only sold in United States of America, and CANNOT be shipped to any other country.

NOTE TO WHEN YOU GET THE KIT: You can use this to build you own terrarium. First you move the moss+cellophane into a small plate with water, then you mix the stones with agar from the petri dish and place them in your own jam jar or another recycled glass. After placing the stones you gently remove the cellophane on the back of the moss, and place the moss on top of the stones. Now you have your final terrarium in your own design. You can also use this moss together with many other plants like any other moss.

Also see our video on our homepage. Find more information here.

The moss will provide an aromatic scent as long as you take good care of it. Please notice that you have to water it, like any other houseplant. The amount of water depends on the humidity in your home, but keep it a little moist and you have a happy moss for a long time. You can also close the jar when you are away for longer period.

This DIY kit is for private use only. The fragrant moss is intellectual property of Mosspiration Biotech. Any propagation of the moss for sharing or commercial use will be prosecuted.