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Small Stories about Moss as Natural Air Freshener
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How to Grow Moss

I think it is about time to talk a little about how to grow your own moss. Whether this is from one our kits, or moss you find in nature. A moss terrarium is a small and fun project to start at home, especially together with children. Mosses are hardy small plants that are easy to care for and to...

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Fragrant Moss Launch

Early january, we launched our first natural air freshener in our Fragrant Moss series. As we are “just” two plant scientist the first two weeks has taught a lot about online marketing. With crash courses from youngster closely related to us we have learned about Instagram-tricks, Facebook add’s, Vimeo, Twitter-tips and loads of new things that is natural for millennials....

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How Fragrant Moss went from an Idea to a product

The Fragrant Moss was made as part of a research project between 2011 and 2014. It lead a happy life in the petri-dishes until 2016, when the idea of the "Natural Air Freshener" was launched. We collaborated with creative people in San Francisco throughout 2017 to get this right. After several attempts, we now have more fragrant versions and with...

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