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How to Grow Moss

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I think it is about time to talk a little about how to grow your own moss. Whether this is from one our kits, or moss you find in nature. A moss terrarium is a small and fun project to start at home, especially together with children. Mosses are hardy small plants that are easy to care for and to maintain. In principle, they don’t much more than a little water to keep them moist.

Mosses are the first plants to occur on land some 450 million years ago. That is way they know how to survive, even if you are not nice to them. You find them everywhere, just a little moist and the moss is there. They can survive long spells without water, so if your moss turn brown and look dead, try to give a little water and it will thrive once again.

Mosses don’t have real roots, like other plants, but have small root looking cells called protenma that help them to absorb nutrients. Mosses relies on getting nutrients through water rather than soil. This allow them to grow on trees, rocks, and your moss terrarium at home. Mosses thrive nutrient poor soils and conditions. Thus when growing this at home, do not supply to much nutritional water.

Moss in jar and on plate

Where to grow mosses at home

If you have a garden with pavers and you get some moss there, just leave it. It will eventually overgrow the divide between the pavers and keep out other weed.

But this is about growing moss indoor. There are several kits for moss terrariums out there. But all you need is an old jam jar, some small stones and other material for decoration, maybe a little agar (can be purchased in many food shops, also known as agar-agar) and there you go. You can add charcoal, but then the fragrances from the moss will be captured there. So I suggest to leave it out.

  • Wash the jar and the stones well. Make sure that you get all the soil, food leftover out. You might want to give them a spell of boiling water to make them sterile.
  • Gently mix the agar with the stones and let it settle.
  • If you collected the moss from nature, clean it thoroughly to get rid of stones, soil, fungi and wash it under cold water. Do not cook it.
  • Now take your clean moss and place it on the stone/agar surface. Close the jar and let it grow and settle there for a week or two.
  • The benefit of adding the agar is that the agar will help you with keeping the moss moist while the moss is still settling in the jar/terrarium.

Remember to keep you moss happy with a little water once a week. Within a month or two you should have a thick moss carpet (depending on the species).

420 x 470px
420 x 470px
It is so beautiful!
I love the look of the fresh little filaments of growth sticking just up above the main moss matt... thanks for the lovely little plant! The white is crisp and pretty for this.


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