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Fragrant Moss Launch

by Mosspiration Biotech on 0 Comments

Early january, we launched our first natural air freshener in our Fragrant Moss series. As we are “just” two plant scientist the first two weeks has us taught a lot about online marketing. With crash courses from youngster closely related to us, we have learned about Instagram-tricks, Facebook add’s, Vimeo, Twitter-tips and loads of new things that is natural for millennials.

A moss servingWe have had some great fun, and even launched a Limited edition for Valentine’s Day. One thing though is what you learn from being online, but the best thing is when you customers write back to you with encouragement, suggestions and a lot of support. We really appreciate that.

We are still on a steep learning curve that will not stop the next many month. But it is fun, and as long as it is fun we will move on.

We love moss, plants and other green stuff. So keep following us on all the social media platforms.

Henrik, Mosspiration Biotech

420 x 470px
420 x 470px
It is so beautiful!
I love the look of the fresh little filaments of growth sticking just up above the main moss matt... thanks for the lovely little plant! The white is crisp and pretty for this.


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